AluKönigStahl GmbH, Wien, with its brands Schüco (ALU & PVC) and Jansen (Steel), is a global leader and innovator in its industry, our key partner/supplier and guarantor of enormous added value, high energy efficiency and quality of all our products and projects!

Some of numerous professional, scientific and certification partners of AluKönigStahl, guaranteeing the highest standards, ultimate innovation and leadership, are listed below:

Please find some of Schüco's solutions and profiles elaborated below.

SCHÜCO - aluminium windows

Wide range of ALU window profiles from conventional to super contemporary design.

Your window made of Schüco aluminium profiles guarantee:

  • Variety of utilisation of elements and methods of opening;
  • Various colour combinations;
  • Thermal insulation;
  • Silence (inside);
  • Protection against burglary;
  • Fire protection;
  • Impenetrability;
  • Innovative technologies;
  • Systemically tested security aspects;
  • Easy maintenance;
  • Quality based upon experience.

Schüco - aluminium windows: quality with a convincing price/gains ratio!

SCHÜCO – PVC windows and doors

When it comes to PVC-U windows; quality, design and innovations are of crucial importance. Schüco's PVC systems combine these features into a comprehensive collection, enabling a wide range of conceptual solutions. Window systems of 82 mm depth (system Schüco LivIng) stands for the supreme segment, meeting the high demands of low-energy construction (passive house).

Briefly about Schüco PVC-U windows:

  • Types of elements and ways of opening provided in various varieties;
  • Excellent thermal and sound insulation;
  • Systematically tested reliability and quality;
  • Effective security classes SFI, SFII Standard, SFII Extra and SFIII;
  • Low threshold for balcony and terrace doors;
  • Variety of designs of all series;
  • Corona colour concept offers a wide range of colours and wooden decorations;
  • Aluminium protective strips in all RAL (standard) colours and anodizing tones for various system profiles.

For a brand new or renovated; urban or rural buildings, or for the styling solutions of past centuries: ALUKÖNIGSTAHL provides the right window/door design and an elegant solution for every building.

SCHÜCO aluminium façade - a blend of creativity and high-tech

ALUKÖNIGSTAHL is an expert on aluminium façade structures and glazed roof structures. Flexibility and open options in employing façade structures, which, at the same time, encompass the extensive specifications of modern façade buildings, is one of the basic requirements in contemporary buildings’ design & construction.

Façades stand for the central element in the design of the fronts of the buildings. In this aspect, Schüco solutions grant systematic diversity, enabling realization of innovative façade concepts of modern architecture – all the way from the visually flawless window façades to the impressive glass structures and the synergic high-tech façades. Along with a comprehensive Schüco façade system it is conceivable to conceptually build a wide range of façades that are based on ALU (sub) structures. Numerous possibilities left to the practise of architects and designers offer a great creative room. Extremely demanding architectonic solutions, based upon proven Schüco systems, get implemented with no difficulties encountered along the way!

Summary of the most important features:

  • Complete (system) solutions;
  • All types of façades, including double façades;
  • Window elements with all opening modes;
  • Fixed and mobile systems for sun protection;
  • Leading technology in façade systems;
  • The latest technology in the field of fire and smoke protection;
  • Façade structures for all resistance categories.

SCHÜCO - sliding aluminium doors & windows

In the sphere of aluminium sliding elements, the Schüco’s range is very extensive and consists of insulated and uninsulated profiles of different depths and visible widths in different colours, shapes and designs that meet all architectural requirements.

The main advantages of Schüco solutions:

  • Diversities of shapes and designs;
  • Profiles of different depths and visible widths;
  • Paints or anodised surface of the profiles;
  • High insulation and security technology;
  • Special series for exterior and interior;
  • Extensive additive system;
  • Compatibility with the Schüco solutions package.

Aluminium provides: easy handling of all sliding elements with no need to apply force. Ideal solution for universal exploitation in private and business facilities.