Aluminium - the material of the future.

Extremely appreciated due to its exceptional features – used practically in all possible fields. Also called “durable material”, since its lifetime has not yet been established and shall not be established soon, as it lasts for centuries.

Aluminium does not change the colour or structure, does not rust and faces no natural parasites. Even after several hundred years, the appearance of an aluminium product will be as if it were installed recently. The aluminium has the natural quality of oxidisation, which is in our workshops electrochemically enhanced, thanks to which the oxidized (outer) layer features additional surface strength and exceptional product quality.

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OKNA – znotraj zagotavljajo toplino in udobje
and endurance &
safety of the exterior.
Exceptional high quality aluminium windows fit excellently both residential and business buildings. Easy to maintain, ALU windows are built-in for life.

Thanks to the quality features of the material, ALU windows preserve permanent functionality and energy efficiency, representing a cost-reduction investment.

Entrance doors
are first contact point of our home
Interior or exterior (balcony/porch) ALU doors, combined (or not) with various types of glass, deliver subtle aesthetics, safety, functionality and superior durability! Chose from myriad of Aluks ALU doors in different colours, textures and designs.
Sliding systems stand for an excellent solution for various spatial challenges.
Looking for a partition wall or glaze on the balcony...?
ALU sliding systems – available in various designs, colours and sizes...

Features of ALU Sliding Systems:

  • Stable aluminium profiles;
  • Permanent and superb surface treatment;
  • Stainless steel sliders allow easy and quiet movement of the door;
  • Various colours;
  • Thermal insulated aluminium profiles;
  • Numerous options in design/manufacturing;
  • Possibility of anti-break in solution integration
  • Maximum usability of space.

Winter gardens, porches
Safety, comfort, convenience and easy maintenance.
A fully effective solution to your spatial challenge. Aluks grants; free advice, significant experience and optimal solutions...!

ALU - Glass walls

Full transparency, brightness and visual width of your residential and/or business space...

ALU - Folding doors

Mobility, adaptability and transparency of your living and/or business space....

ALU - Shutters

Protection from wind, cold, sun...and an extra security granted...!


ALU - Automatic doors

The indispensable requirement of modern business facilities... (manufacturing only on occasion of massive and turnkey projects)