New windows / doors / façades. Sustainability for the people and the environment.

New windows/doors/façades.
Sustainability for the people and the environment.

Sustainable activities follow the principle that future generations have the same prospects of life with the same opportunities, as we do. This can only be granted when environmental preservation, the economy, and society achieve a global equilibrium due to mutual interaction.

The contribution of Aluks/Schüco takes place in form of production/installation of energy efficient window/door/façade systems, lead-free stabilisers in virgin material, and intelligent recycling concepts.


Our products fulfil all the requirements of thermal insulation and associated energy efficiency aspect. In figures: Schüco customers manufacture (just) 60 million window units each year (not counting doors and façade constructions), helping to save about billion litres of fuel oil. This also saves about 22000 billion kilograms of CO2 that would otherwise escape into the atmosphere – equivalent to the quantity absorbed by a forested area the size of 300,000 football pitches!

Moreover, there is less demand on valuable resources like fossil fuels, which remain preserved for future generations.

In 2010, Schüco completely eliminated the heavy metal lead in the virgin material for all of our windows/doors, using since then stabilisers based on calcium and zinc. Schüco, therefore reduce the annual extraction and consumption of lead by 22,000 tonnes – equivalent to over 5,500 truckloads.

In the same time, windows produced free of lead display all of the standard cost-effective advantages of the PVC material, including durability, low maintenance, high cost effectiveness, and extremely good thermal insulation.

Schüco recycle old windows & doors made of own profiles, reintroducing them to new materials’ cycle (reused as regrinds in Schüco profiles). Supported by specific knowhow, we create products that represent the efficient use of resources and hence responsible activities. The recycled material in our profiles constitutes on average a 90% reduction in the greenhouse gas emissions otherwise associated with conventional PVC.

With the aim in optimising further value created for ALU/PVC windows/doors, Schüco engineers develop the latest generations of product with less material utilised and, simultaneously, with improved engineering characteristics. Intelligent chamber systems and static structural attributes, on one hand serve to minimise the demand on resources, and on the other culminate in extraordinarily competitive products (e.g. certified and innovative Cradle-to-Cradle system by Schüco).