Production Hall


The production hall whose façade we designed and executed as a combination of a ventilated (550m2) and a glass (450m2) façade on the basis of Schüco FWS 50 HI system, with Larson composite panels as a finish cladding in the ventilated part and Schüco AWS / ADS 75 SI (RC2) profiles used to produce the elements/openings installed inside the glass façade.

Year: 2019
Location: Gablingen, Bavaria - Germany
Investor Umwelt-service Mannert GmbH
Value: 500.000 €
Works: Glass and ventilated façade
(Larson panels finishing)

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  • Private clients; being pleased with the proven quality of the Schüco profiles, discretion and comprehensive service of production and installation of full range of our products;
  • Architects and architectural bureaus; to which we provide full support in developing and implementing their ideas in practice;
  • Construction engineering; which we regularly follow/service on occasion of implementation of their most demanding projects;
  • Investors; requiring uncompromising quality and guarantees;
  • Entrepreneurs and businessmen/women; run their business at lower cost of heating and cooling their business facilities;
  • Municipal and the state bodies, expecting the maximum with the lowest (invested) funds.
  • Public and everyday users; enjoying a comfortable, modern, attractive and clean environment with an ideal temperature and humidity regime - throughout the year.

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