Sound insulation

New windows / entrance doors / façades. For a quieter, healthier life.

New windows / entrance doors / façades. For a quieter, healthier life.

Roads, industry, railways, planes, our world is getting louder and louder. It is therefore increasingly important to keep all that noise away from our living space. Noise has been proved to be harmful to health, even when we are not aware of it. The consequence can be experienced in forms of cardiovascular diseases, irritability, and poor concentration.

The unit used to measure volume, or sound pressure, is incidentally called decibel (dB). During sleeping time, over 30 % of the population are exposed to a permanent noise level exceeding 50 dB. This is two and a half times more than the maximum recommended value of 20 dB for bedrooms. Effective noise protection therefore provides a sustainable improvement to the quality of living.

If you want to improve sound insulation in your own home, top priority must be given to the windows.

These are available in a range of sound transmission class, depending on the environment and the noise levels. Ultra-modern window technology with highly durable ALU/PVC profiles and special functional glasses provides effective sound insulation that keeps everyday noise where it should stay – outside.

Effective noise protection starts with competent analyses and advising, being completed, in ideal case, by proper installation. After all, you can benefit from real peace and quiet only when the elements are installed properly and according to the requirements for each of the sound transmission categories/classes.

Windows with a high sound insulation factor are heavy, and demand special design of their frames. Static properties, stability, and pull-out strength must be adequate. Also, windows and masonry must form a clean and tight seal. Only then, sound insulation measures could be effective and make a key contribution to the protection of your health and peace.

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